About us

Kornskarpt is run by Johan Willner and Svante Larsson, who both have a long and broad experience of photographic practices.

Our roots are in analogue photography where we have years of experience both in taking images and in the darkroom working in both black and white and color. As printers in the darkroom, we have worked with both own images and with others. Johan as a printer for Magnum agency, N.Y and Svante as printer at SR – Sveriges Radio.

Johan is educated at ICP in New York and at Konstfack in Stockholm and has many years of experience working as a commercial photographer for various clients and as a member of the Johnér stock agency.
His own artistic works include work as Boy Stories, Wind On Face Of Waters, Heaps (in collaboration with Peo Olsson). He has published several books and is one of the founders of Skreid Publishing.

Svante is educated at GFU and Konstfack and has worked commercially and been a member of Folio stock agency and has many years of experience as a lecturer in photography at the Department of Fine Art at Konstfack, where he was responsible for the photographic workshops and studios. His own artistic include work as Insights and Ögontröst & Helvetessten. Hes also managed Fotografins and Videokonstens Historia at Konstfack for several years and writes regularly in the online magazine Verk.

Both of us have collaborated with other artists in the production of their works, from start to final presentation. These are processes that we both think are enormously rewarding and inspiring.

In Kornskarpt we work with exhibition production and perform Fine-Art printing on archiveresistant material and digital image processing, as well as drum scanning of originals, negatives, positives, prints etc.

Our adress:
Heleneborgsgatan 46
117 32 Stockholm

Johan +46 (0)703 202150
Svante +46 (0)708 125858



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